Thursday, October 23, 2014

Breaking Gravity

The video is made by PermaGrinFilms and published on Youtube on 13/10/2014. It shows the Bullet Time action of Breakdancers, Gymnasts and Parkour athletes (True Movement). With the use of GoPro cameras we get amazing Slow Motion Action Shots and to add to it - Bullet time action using 20 GoPro Arrays makes this video worth while watching.

Youtube Link of the above Video : CLICK HERE
Youtube Channel of PermaGrinFilms / Marc Donahue  : CLICK HERE
Vimeo Video Link : CLICK HERE

Below is the Full footage captured using GoPro.

References :
I came across the video from a Twitter User 'Kuwait Blogs' or @KuwBlogs which linked me to a blog 'Q8 ALL IN ONE' - CLICK HERE

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