Friday, October 24, 2014

Fast Food Delivery by Lamborghini & Ferrari

Food Delivery has become one of the essentials for restaurants all around the world. Then the competition came into the fastest delivery possible. Even to the point where the fast food joints came up with the idea 'within 30 minutes or the food will be free'. Also free home delivery concepts have been floated around. The delivery vehicles used by the restaurants are either 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. In most countries, a modified two wheeler are used for delivery. The modifications are by adding a storage compartment for safer delivery.

The Australian branch of the American fast food restaurant chain, McDonalds (in Melbourne) has taken delivery to a whole new level by introducing a Lamborghini and a Ferrari F430 Spider. The customer has to place a minimum order of 25 Australian Dollar ( approx. 17 Euros / 21 US Dollars / 6.5 Kuwaiti Dinar / 1350 Indian Rupee) and an additional delivery charge of 4.95 AUD ( approx 3.44 EUR / 4.35 USD / 1.25 KWD / 265 INR). The whole order should be placed over an online system.

The video below is from the Russian Today (RT) coverage. Youtube Link : CLICK HERE.

I came across the video from RT coverage of the event. RT Youtube Channel Link: CLICK HERE

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