Friday, September 18, 2015

Connection between a mother and a child

Photo Courtesy of 'Pandora - Unique Connection'
The unique and beautiful connection between a mother and child truly cannot be summarized in a single video but a small fraction can be seen in the experiment conducted by Pandora Jewelry in their project 'The Unique Connection'. The kids are blind folded (of course with the permission of the mothers and in their presence) and asked to find their mother.
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The video gives a small (very small) tribute to mothers around the world. The most amazing things about the video is that anyone can watch this video as language does not play a role. Similarly another video was put up and you can watch it below. (My first thought was that it was an advertisement for jeans or for a fashion line)
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Across the internet many more videos are popping up with similar experiments being conducted. What I notice is that many parents are creating this kind of experiment at parties as an interesting party event. I am not sure whether it should be conducted, as i am sure many factors are considered when they do the above experiment. I am worried about the effect the child or the mother will go through if the outcome is unfavourable. Our society is not a supportive one (creative criticism). The video below is from 'inside edition' which explains about Pandora - The unique connection video.
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Actual size of the solar system

Photo Courtesy to 'To Scale'
We have seen the solar system model during our studies in schools and colleges, visits to planetariums, movies and internet. Turns out they are not in exact scale size. So a team of people tried to make it to scale size but needed a large open area to make us understand the size of the planet and sun and the path of the planet around the sun. The chose the open desert area of Nevada (U.S.A).
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The team uploaded the behind the scenes and also the hard work they put up together to create the video. For our own understanding, we have always been taught how big the planets are and how far things are from each other. But to see a scale version gives us the understanding of enormity of the solar system or better yet the universe.
Photo courtesy to 'To Scale'
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I hope these videos can be shown in schools and colleges to give us a better understanding and make us feel that Physics is cool and easy to understand.
Photo Courtesy to 'To Scale'
References: I came across this on ASAP sciences on Facebook. CLICK HERE to check their website.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Worlds network backbone Undersea Optic Fiber Cables

Photo Courtesy to Wonderful engineering - Business Insider
I came across this article on Wonderful Engineering and the original video was created by the Business Insider. This shows the real backbone of our Network which caters to 99% of the communication around the world. The video below shows all the existing undersea cables laid down between locations.
Wonderful engineering article information below
Most of the internet communication is still done with the help of high-speed underwater cables. While some of us are lucky to use satellite communication directly, the fact remains that these cables are the backbone of today’s connected world. Their importance can be gauged from the fact that when a country experiences a breakdown of these cables, the internet is choked, and every online work is halted, leading to a massive backlog.
The total length of these underwater cables is close to an astonishing 885,000 kilometers. It means that these lines can circumnavigate the world more than 22 times. It has almost 99 % data circulating throughout the world from social media newsfeeds to sensitive military information.