Friday, September 18, 2015

Connection between a mother and a child

Photo Courtesy of 'Pandora - Unique Connection'
The unique and beautiful connection between a mother and child truly cannot be summarized in a single video but a small fraction can be seen in the experiment conducted by Pandora Jewelry in their project 'The Unique Connection'. The kids are blind folded (of course with the permission of the mothers and in their presence) and asked to find their mother.
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The video gives a small (very small) tribute to mothers around the world. The most amazing things about the video is that anyone can watch this video as language does not play a role. Similarly another video was put up and you can watch it below. (My first thought was that it was an advertisement for jeans or for a fashion line)
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Across the internet many more videos are popping up with similar experiments being conducted. What I notice is that many parents are creating this kind of experiment at parties as an interesting party event. I am not sure whether it should be conducted, as i am sure many factors are considered when they do the above experiment. I am worried about the effect the child or the mother will go through if the outcome is unfavourable. Our society is not a supportive one (creative criticism). The video below is from 'inside edition' which explains about Pandora - The unique connection video.
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