Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Phone texting while driving awareness

Photo Courtesy to Responsible Young Drivers - RYD Belgium 
The rise of mobile/cellphone usage has made for some changes or interesting developments in varieties of fields including safety. Cellphone related accidents have risen over the years and are at its peak. People spending time on their cellphone is on the rise, therefore more and more are being used in daily routines. Walking and travelling on different modes of transportation like buses, taxis, subways, trains, airplanes and others have become a common sight to see. Initially texting by SMS was an issue but adding to this, are the social media mobile applications which are pushing people to use more and more of their cellphone. The added usage of unlimited characters of text, photos and video sharing have led to an extended period of usage of cellphones. The assumption of people that they can multi task while driving has let them to use their cellphones, thinking that they are in full control of the situation. But as statistics show, more number of accidents are on the rise due cellphone usage. Below is a video of Responsible Young Drivers (RYD) Belgium. where under control environment, the drivers are asked to type a text while driving. I am sure the point went across to the drivers.
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Recently a video has been put up by New Zealand transport agency with regard to the awareness of phone texting. The use of Lionel Richie's Hello to convey the message about putting the life of the passenger first is amazing. The main message to convey is Drive Phone free.
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A similar video like RYD Belgium awareness video was made by AT&T to educate teens about driving while texting. These video cover the message in a positive or a lighter tone compared to PSA videos which show the horrific condition if one gets into an accident due to cellphone usage.
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