Saturday, July 25, 2015

Expression of an Artist

Photo courtesy to Open Culture
In 2010 at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) - New York, a retrospective of artist Marina Abramović performing 'The Artist is Present', sitting in the museum’s atrium and inviting the swelling crowds of viewers to sit directly opposite her, in silent dialogue. One of the people from the crowd who sat across her was someone she had not seen in 22 years. The sudden expression of the artist is worth watching. For Details, (can see the information in the following video) CLICK HERE if the video link does not work.
Video Courtesy of 'How I became the bomb'

The video below is the same but with the lyrics of the song.
Video Courtesy of Bing Andres
CLICK HERE if the link does not work.

The video below is of the recording done at the MoMA without the music
Video Courtesy of MiticoMazz
CLICK HERE if the link does not work

Reunions. They are such kind of moments that remind one of Nostalgia. Check my other post of when a Burglary suspect comes across a classmate from middle school who also turns out to be the Judge presiding over his case at Miami Bond court. CLICK HERE.

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