Friday, August 21, 2015

Real Life First Person Shooter Live Action

Photo Courtesy to Engadget - RealmPictures
We have games, then we have live action videos; but now we have Live Action Games. That too the first one to dive into is First Person Shooter category. The creator at Realm Pictures came up with the idea of bring First person Shooter in Real life but also wanted the users to enjoy and participate interactively, by making it a Real Life First Person Shooter Live Action Experience. A lot of hard work and time went into getting this done as the whole thing was live for the users at Chatroulette who had no idea what they were getting themselves into once logging into the video chat. Enough of chit chat, just watch the video below.
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I was really thrilled to see that the people who participated on the video chat were hooked to it. I think some of them have never played games, or even first person shooter at that. Getting them interested in this might open a new front for the gaming developers/community. Below is the behind the scenes of how all the things came together.
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I came across this first on facebook through Mysterious things in the world sharing a video of GamersGRABR.

This reminds me of the First POV Action Movie - Hardcore that was made. In that you can see POV footage of the actor going through different obstacles and making it to a set goal. CLICK HERE for the post on that.

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