Monday, August 24, 2015

Minesweeper Super Challenge

Photo Courtesy to Cinemassive - Minesweeper Super Challenge
Nostalgia is something this game brings back. Once you understand how this worked, the game gets you hooked trying to detect all the mines and then the time challenge. Ofcourse, then the size of the challenge. Starting with
  • Beginner : 10 mines (9 x 9 tile grid)
  • Intermediate : 40 mines (16 x 16 tile grid)
  • Advanced : 99  mines (16 x 30 tile grid)
There are more advance version available online and one such was solved and uploaded on Youtube. The game contained 1412 mines with a tile grid of 58 x 118 board. It took the user 59 mins 48 seconds to complete. The Time lapse video below is of 6:14 mins.
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work
Then the question arises - What next? Looks like the people at Cinemassive are creative and also lovers of this game. They brought in something to make this more challenging. One of their impressive products are the Video Wall which contain an array of HD monitors or TV screens seemlessly connected to each other. They have gone and made a challenge of minesweeper which is epic due to its size, thus naming it the Minesweeper Super Challenge.

38,799 mines across 16 x HD video Wall.
Time limit 12 hours
3 attempts per user
Only 10 participants.

The Challenge video shown above is on 24 x HD video wall which was tested out by team that developed it and had a hard time doing so. Therefore the challenge has been put up. Read the conditions on their site. CLICK HERE (I will mention them below also)

Minesweeper Video Wall Challenge: Terms & Conditions

1. The Minesweeper Super Challenge is not a contest or a sweepstakes and CineMassive cannot offer a prize or reward of any kind to any participant. The Minesweeper Super Challenge is intended for entertainment purposes only.

2. Requests to play the Minesweeper Super Challenge game can be made by completing the contact form found on this page.

3. CineMassive will offer playing time to a total of 10 people. If for any reason CineMassive is not able to run the game as planned, CineMassive may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend playing time for any or all participants.

4. Submitting a request to play the Minesweeper Super Challenge does not guarantee that you will be offered playing time, nor does it guarantee any kind of response from CineMassive. CineMassive reserves the right to refuse playing time requests from any participant at its own discretion.

5. If you are chosen, CineMassive will reach out to you via email to discuss all necessary details, including scheduling and login information to play the game.

6. The Minesweeper game will be played on a 16xHD video wall.

7. Each player is limited to three attempts at the game. Total playing time is limited to no more than 12 hours per individual.

8. If for any reason the game is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, disruption of internet connectivity, unauthorized intervention, or technical failures of any sort, CineMassive may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend playing time for any or all participants.

9. By submitting a contact form, you agree to release CineMassive from any liability resulting from, or related to using the Minesweeper Super Challenge game.

CLICK HERE for the Request form
(Be one of the Lucky 10 and let the world know)

Photo Courtesy to Cinemassive - Look at the size of the video Wall when compared to a man standing in front of the Video Wall

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