Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hardcore Henry POV Feature Film

Photo Courtesy to STX movies - Hardcore Henry
First Person Point of View Feature Film - What more is there to say? Ilya Naishuller is the writer-director of this movie that is set to release on 8th April 2016. I had previously written about First Person POVs in another post with online crowd funding helping creators and film makers. For the post, CLICK HERE. Now the trailer for Hardcore Henry, have a look below.
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work
STX Entertainment is working on bringing a unique concept to filmography. I am sure the movie will be wonderful and also am hoping that it will be compatible with VR sets (Virtual Reality) so that the feeling will be amplified. Anyways, for more details check the links below:


I came across the above trailer when watching Jaby Koay and Jenn Cadena in their Trailer Reaction video on Youtube. Have a look.
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

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